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Inside the core of the climate movement, concerned citizens in Germany put their bodies on the line to save an ancient forest from being obliterated by RWE, Europe’s biggest emitter of CO2, to expand one of Europe’s biggest coal mines.


Protesters build a community by living in self-made treehouses to halt the chainsaws.  But as the climate crisis rages on but the coal diggers keep turning, they take matters into their own hands and blockade and sabotage the coal machinery. 


They form an unlikely alliance with a frustrated community in rural northeast England who have spent 30 years fighting plans for a new coal mine in the beautiful valley next to their homes. With mining about to begin, they are left with no choice but to occupy the valley and take direct action.


Finite is an insider's view of the world of direct action; a raw, authentic and emotional insight into the David and Goliath battle between frontline communities, activists and fossil fuel corporations.