The green leaders of the world have a dirty secret...


On the brink of climate breakdown, new coal mines are still being started in the UK and Germany.

Finite is an immersive documentary following frontline communities in conflict with opencast coal mines and the forces behind them.


Activists in Germany defend the 12,000 year old Hambach forest from Europe's biggest coal mine.  A small community in North East England are spurred into action and join forces with international activists to save the rolling hills of the Pont Valley from a new coal mine.


Leading with authentic, personal stories that span three years, Finite is an exclusive and eye-opening account of what’s really happening in our ‘greenest’ areas.


Raw vulnerability, violence, euphoric highs and devastating lows show an unseen side of activists and authorities alike, while highlighting the urgency for continued action.



For 30 years, a community in County Durham, North East England have fought off plans to destroy the beautiful Pont Valley with a new opencast coal mine.  Diggers are imminently expected to start work and all legal means of protest have been exhausted.


Mining company, Banks Group, have a tight deadline to begin extracting coal.  If they are delayed, the valley could be saved.  An unlikely alliance of local villagers and international activists occupy the valley and put their bodies on the line to save it from destruction.   

In Germany, RWE extracts 100 million tonnes of coal every year.

The ancient Hambach forest is being destroyed to make way for Europe’s biggest opencast mine.


In this contrasting landscape of majestic forest and industrial moonscape, activists build treehouses to defend the forest from annihilation. RWE's network of mines and power stations is Europe's biggest source of CO2.  It's not just a fight to save the forest, it's a fight for climate justice.

Police move in to evict the forest occupation.  Activists are arrested and beaten.  The forest is a battleground as tens of thousands of people fight to save the forest.

Time is running out for these ecosystems and our climate.  A community see the landscape where their children have grown up disappear, whilst radical activists risk their lives to halt the full force of state and corporate power. 

 Battles are personal and global.  Loss and inspiration are abundant.



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